Hey everyone! New a exciting feature has come to wikia! We now have forums on the wiki! What's a forum? Well, they're message boards where we can have discussions with other users! Kind of like comments except their more discussion-y! Why am I so excited about this? Because it is such a better way of communication and helps the social part of the wiki! Using these forums, admins can highlight messages which make the messages show up in every users notifications. It's such a better way of communication! On the Forum page there 8 boards. Each board is a category in where you put each of your messages! Here are introductions to each!

Social Board- The Social board is one of my favorites! In the social board, you can really talk about anything you want! You can talk about your day, post funny pictures, really anything. Talk with users, ask opinions, anything!

Questions and Answers- Ask questions, answer questions!

New on Raura Wiki- This is where we post any new things on the wiki!

General Discussion- Talk about anything!

News and Announcements- Anything new will be posted here!